Keeping a Record – ‘My Learning Journey’

The 'Today' BoardEach child’s development is unique and special, which is why we at Toad Hall create an individual record for every child in our group – the ‘My Learning Journey’ booklet – which will be yours to keep when your child leaves Toad Hall.

The Keyperson

Your child’s Keyperson has special responsibility for your child while they are at Toad Hall. She will reassure your child in the early days of separation; ensure that he/she settles into the pre-school routine; offer encouragement to join in with all the activities available and build a relationship with you and your child. Your child’s Keyperson will not be the only adult who will be involved with your child but will be the one who knows your child best.

‘My Learning Journey’ booklet

The Keyperson will keep a record of your child’s progress and achievements by making regular observations and assessments. These will then be recorded in the ‘My Learning Journey’ booklet along with photographs and some of your child’s drawings and art work. The Keyperson will update the booklet at the end of each term.Bikes

Please, look for the page showing ‘Parent/Carer Comments’ and ‘Child’s Comments’. This is where you and your child can make your own comments.


The ‘My Learning Journey’ booklet is all about your child and is, therefore, treated as confidential and only available to you, your Keyperson and the Manager. You are welcome to take the book home to read and to make your comments. Please complete the orange form in front of the Learning Journey Box, so we can track the folders, thank you.

Happy to have a chat

In addition to this written record, your child’s Keyperson will be available at the beginning and end of each session for a chat, to let you know how your child is getting on or to answer any of your questions.