For information of the times of our sessions and information about the Lunchtime Club, please see the Sessions page. For information about when Toad Hall are running sessions, please see the Term Dates page.

Arrival / Departure

Parents or guardians remain responsible for their children up until the start of the session. We pay particular attention to the children’s safety on leaving at the end of the session. A member of staff is on duty both at the inside and outside door to ensure each child leaves safely. Our care of the children ends at the outside door so please supervise your children on leaving; Hyde Park Road can be very busy.


Hospital SignShould your child become ill please keep them at home until they are completely recovered (a minimum of 48 hours for vomiting/diarrhoea). Illness spreads very quickly especially between children in this age group.


Please let us know the reason for your child’s absences (e.g. sickness, holiday) on your return to pre-school, as this needs to be recorded in the register as a condition of funding.