Toad Hall Library

Library SignToad Hall has a large selection of books which is available to all our children throughout the session. We also encourage parents to share these books with their children at home and so have set up the Toad Hall Library. We hope that you will come and choose one or two books with your child to take home and read using their book bag.

All the books in the library have been especially chosen to be suitable for pre-school children. We re-new our stocks from time to time but do try to retain classics as well as some old favourites.

Here are a few things we would like you to keep in mind:

  • Do help your child to choose their books, sometimes children need guidance in trying something new.
  • Use the library as often as you like. Children usually choose one or two books at a time.
  • Please use the small purple folder to record books taken and returned. The children’s names are in alphabetical order; write the names of the books taken and the date, and when you return them just tick them off.
  • Toad Hall books are stamped with “Toad Hall” on the inside cover should you forget which they are.
  • Remember to use your book bag. The children can leave their book bags in the “Book Bag Box” during the session.
  • If you notice any damaged books, please let us know so that we can repair or throw them away. Checking the books can be a full time job for us!
  • Please ask a member of staff if you need help.

Book Bag Box